Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Elluminate in Bloomsbury - not just for ash clouds and snow days

In a previous post ('Don't let an ash cloud ruin your meeting') I suggested that virtual classrooms could be the way to go when faced with a natural disaster (or natural irritant) that prevents a class from meeting face to face as planned. And I have noticed during this winter's snowier periods that more staff members have taken this option up.

But of course, online meetings don't only have to be seen as a replacement for a face to face meeting that has been cancelled. At the recent Bloomsbury Elluminate Showcase, speakers from around Bloomsbury talked about how they are making use of Elluminate with  different groups of learners.

You can watch the recorded event via the magic of Elluminate (BLE members can also join a group in the BLE and/or sign up for some training on 14 March or 9 May).

It's also worth checking out these free ebooks from the Onlignment Blog, especially Live Online Learning – A facilitator’s guide.

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