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In my latest career iteration I support teaching and learning via the Bloomsbury Learning Environment (or BLE) at Birkbeck and SOAS (both members of the Bloomsbury Consortium, University of London). The BLE is a shared Blackboard (Classic v 8) environment which is integrated with tools such as Turnitin, Elluminate and Learning Objects.

As well as this blog, I write content for Birkbeck's e-Learning site, BLE Instructor Support Wiki and BLE Student Support Wiki. My idea in starting this blog was to have a space for some more personal, reflective and descriptive pieces which fall outside the remit of the more organised, information-discovery based sites. It is more 'two-cents' than 'how-to'. I also make quite a bit of use of Delicious and Twitter to store and share information - more info below.

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