Wednesday 13 July 2016

#ELESIG London - Evaluation By Numbers - 7 July RVC

On Thursday 7th July, the ELESIG London local group met for the third time, again somewhat-organised by Mira Vogel and me. This time we were at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden.

As with the previous meetings, the group was small but perfectly formed. With no shortage of institutions and people in the London region, there is potential to grow the size of the meetings but I was delighted with the mix of people and the group dynamic, and the fact that it had more of a 'working group' feeling, with everyone participating and no one just being an 'audience'. So this format seems to be working for us for now.

Mira's write up of the event plus links to various resources is here: ELESIG London 3rd Meeting – Evaluation By Numbers. I just wanted to add a personal thank you to our presenters Michele Milner (UEL) and Andreas Konstantinidis (KCL), our hosts the RVC (especially Sarah Sherman for meeting and greeting), Mira, and everyone who attended and contributed. Looking forward to the next one.

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