Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Recently bookmarked ...

There's been no time to blog over the last few months but I have bookmarked some interesting sites, which I thought I might share, in lieu of actually saying something.

Blogging (macro & micro):
Related tags: blogging, twitter

Get Googling:
Related tags: google, googlechrome, googledocs, googlereader, googlewave

e-Learning 'tips and tricks':
Related tags: e-learning, onlineteaching, tools

General interest

Social networks and social class (CNN story) - http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/science/10/13/social.networking.class/index.html

The Dirty Little Secret About the "Wisdom of the Crowds" - There is No Crowd http://tinyurl.com/ll6q8t

...What are these tags I speak of?

'Tagging' is web 2-speak for adding metadata so that bookmarks added are searchable and findable again. I tag and then share my bookmarks via delicious (and then 'tweet' them via twitterfeed) - here are some examples of tags I use often...

blackboard, podcasting ,presentations, web2.0 , socialnetworking.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting list of links. I also bookmarked several site as well. Keep on posting more information like this.thanks a lot.